Fortnite Apk Download and play on Android Mobile

The Fortnite Android beta launched on August 9th. In under a month, more than 15 million players download the Fortnite Apk and had already joined in the fun, and there are more signing up every day. Feeling left out? That’s not a surprise, considering there has been more than a little confusion regarding where and how to download the APK. But we’re here to make it easy for you.If you’re ready to dive (or glide!) into the action on your mobile device, scroll down to the bottom to download the Fortnite Mobile now. Want to learn more before you download from our site? Read on.

Fortnite is a co-op sandbox battle royale Survival game by Epic Games company that also make others popular games in past. Fortnite is a battle royale game like PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS but better than PUBG. the Platforms it support are PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Macintosh operating systems and Android. The game get huge success in 2017 but when it available for mobile, it goes viral on the internet and every gamer wants to play it now. The Fortnite Mobile is the same 100-player game that we play on others console before. And one more thing, if you play this game before on other consoles, you can play on Android with your previous game progress, that is cool! right? So now Android Fortnite gamer can play against all over the Fortnite gamer around the world. The game has the Fortnite Battle Royale game mode also. The word Fortnite is coming from Fortnight and according to Wikipedia, it means a unit of time equal to 14 days. When the game developed and published by Epic Games, it gets a huge success on PlayStation 4 platform and now it will surely be the best game on Android.

 Why You Can’t Download the Fortnite Through Google Play?

If you found your way here, you probably already know that you cannot download Fortnite for Android through Google Play. Epic Games has explained that cutting out the middleman saves the company a lot of money. Plus, it eliminates ads from third-party competitors.Is this inconvenient for players? Sure—but the more money Epic Games can save on distribution, the more they can invest in the fun innovations that keep Fortnite so fresh and addicting.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Download the APK From Just Anywhere

Your next question might be why you should download Fortnite here, as opposed to on any of dozens of other websites offering an app.The answer is simple. You’re not here to clog your device with adware or compromise your safety and security. You’re here to battle your way to a Victory Royale on your Android device.On our site, you can get a fast, clean download, free of the adware and dubious permission requirements you will run into on other sites.Ready to get started? Just click the link below and your download will begin. You’ll be gliding down from the Battle Bus before you know it, ready to become a Fortnite legend!

How to Download and Play Fortnite on any Android device?


  1. first, you must watch the video fully, or you can not able to download.

  1. If you play Fortnite before in other Platforms like PC, you can play on Android with your previous game progress{Look at the video, I am already level 18 }. Just log in with your Game Id.

  1. Download the apk and install it.
  2. launch the game and wait until the game finished to download the additional data.
  3. Now play the game online.
  4. if you play this game on another device before, you can play with your old Fortnite game progress. You just need to connect your old account with the Android version. Have an Unsupported Device? See here.


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Now it is time to let you know all the valuable information you need to know to play this game and become the best player. There is actually two main game mode in this game, one is Save the World and Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Mobile: Save the World

The game mode save the world is all about crafting various items, weapons, building structures, and fighting with various monsters. You need to first gather materials from trees, cars, fences, signs, boulders, etc and then make various weapons and structures with those materials. You can build those things from the build menu. After you build and craft various weapons and others valuable things, it is time to improve your skills. You can not win the game with powerful weapons unless you have game skills. You can improve your skills by complete quest and mission. In this game, there are two types of skills Skill Tree and Research. Armory is others important this in this game mode. A player is playing the game for Trophies and achievements and you can also collect various trophies in the Fortnite game like Platinum, Gold, Silver. In the Save the World mode there are mainly three types of weapons, those are Melee weapons, Ranged weapons, and Consumables. Among the Melee weapons, Heavy Swords and Laser Swords are best. If you love to fight with swords then use laser Medium Swords. Energy Pistols and AWP Asimov is best for Ranged weapons. If you love snipper, you can use Triple-Shot Snipers. There are only two weapons in Consumables those are, M80s, and Bottle Rocket. Among all weapons, Bottle Rocket is best. In this game mode, you have to fight against various Monsters like The Mist Monsters, Husks, and Elemental Types. In Elemental Types, you need to fight with fire, water and nature monsters. Blaster monsters are very hard to kill so be careful with it or you will lose the game.

Fortnite: Heroes or Class

The fortnite game characters are known to Heroes or Class. There are a lot of heroes to play with but there is mainly four class and that class is divided with the subclass. Soldier, Constructor, Ninja, and Outlander are main class. Those heroes have some unique ability like soldiers is best with fighting. The constructor is best for building and crafting various items and structures. Ninja is the fastest hero in fortnite but weaker than Soldier. Outlander is best to collect various materials and have the lower life than others heroes. 

Fortnite Battle Royale

After the success of Save the World mode, Epic Games make Battle Royale game mode for the fortnite game. This game mode is like PUBG game. It is a 100 players game and the last man/team is standing is the winner. In this mode first, a player has to find and collect materials and build weapons and others thing. A player should kill others players and save himself from getting killed. There are now 19 different Locations to play in fortnite battle royale. This game mode is much popular than save the world and everyday hundred and thousand player play this game online. The weapons in this game mode are different from another game mode. 

Fortnite:  Best Weapons

In a game like Fortnite where you only have one chance to make it to the end, the weapons that you decide to pick up can be the difference between life and death. but have you ever wondered what exactly the best weapons are to grab? Now I will give you some tips about the best weapons of the Fortnite game.
The hand cannon pistol, this pistol was modern after the real world Desert Eagle which is one of the most powerful handguns on the planet right now. The desert eagle has appeared in plenty of video games and it often packs a pretty big punch And that's no different in Fortnite. The fortnite hand cannon uses heavy bullets has a seven-shot mag and will deal a whopping 75 minimum damage with a devastating 60 DPS which may not sound like a lot But keep in mind that the 60 DPS is coming from a single bullet making it very effective at taking down structures. Since it was introduced, the hand cannon has gotten a reputation for being very difficult to control and use effectively gun. But if you do manage to master that recoil and handling, it is easily one of the best guns in the game.
The rocket launcher is the most effective thing in fortnite for destroying enemy structures and doing damage. Lots of damage in a short amount of time. The gun will deal 110 damage with a minimum DPS of 82 meaning that it can rip through enemy fortifications In a heartbeat and drop an unshielded enemy if they get caught in the blast. The rocket launcher Also has some of the most noticeable upgrades through its rarities as the gold version will crank those stats up to 2,200 impacts 121 damage and 90 DPS making it the most devastating weapon in fortnite.
The scar may not have the highest damage per bullet or the best DPS What makes it widely considered to be the best gun in the game is how easy it is to use. The scar definitely isn't easy to find as it only comes up in epic and legendary rarities. But when you find a scar you instantly pick that baby up And you hold on to it the scar will deal a minimum of 35 damage making it a three-shot kill on unshielded enemies. It boasts a 30 round mag with a very quick reload time of only 2.1 seconds. The scar will also deal a whopping 192 DPS at the minimum and much like the standard AR that makes it the best weapons in the Fortnite game.

Fortnite: Tips

First of all the height advantage. If you had to boil things down to their simplest attributes then the height advantage. And Fortnite is likely the biggest factor for winning fights a skilled builder who maintains and controls the height advantage will usually come out the victor. The reason is the player who is above their enemy with superior cover gets to control the entire pace of the fight to track their opponent's movements much easier. As an enemy advances upon you via the height get very easy shot potential for either destroying their ramps as they build or shutting them down as they cross the ground to reach the base of your defenses. Be cautious though when building above three tiles as fall damage is a factor. You need to be actively thinking of being ready to place a platform below you if falling occurs due to your enemy destroying a supporting structure. Additionally when you have a height advantage you don't need to pop up in the same place over and over in fact you shouldn't one of the best advantages of being above your enemy is that you get to use that floor as cover and as simple as it sounds it makes it really hard for that enemy to know where you're going to pop up. 
So Download Fortnite for your Android mobile today and play this online game with others online players.